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The binding of existence

This is a story, built upon knowledge, intuition, and speculation. In the end, it is built upon some known theoretically successfully tested truths, and some unknowns conveyed in a formula that I consider trumps any objections – as we ponder the scope of existence. First we know of existence, by way of our self-awareness, coupled with scientific knowledge. Second by way of the unknowns i.e., “Infinity”, that must incongruously play with us (self-aware-finite creatures), in some connected manner.

This Second irascibly indefinable thing called “Infinity”, simply stumps our “finite” minds every time, when we attempt to figure out its mathematical infinities. As it must. As if it did not stump our efforts to understand it, it would become defined, and anything defined, is “Finite.”. So we have an absolute conundrum that operates our existence. But we are still connected, in a union, both finite and infinite, through the known attributes we have scientifically tested to be true. As without “Infinity”, there can be no “Finite.” And remember Infinity, has no bounds, no time, no space, no beginning and no end.

This is plainly contrary to finite logic, but Infinity simply is contrary. Always has been. And always will be. But it is also the very milk of our very finite existences… We are Connected… Our actions matter, as I will soon explain – in summary.

INFINITY: Irascible and fundamentally a necessary fickle fact. An argument that no mathematics or thought equation can defend against… To challenge this premise is to supersede infinity’s very nature. It will never ever happen.

Therefore we are circumscribed to live within, the physics - largely of Newtonian and Einstein’s mathematics. I would caution to note: that these finite mathematics are subject to change that currently work fairly well for our finite existence as we mathematically calculate how to penetrate and maneuver the Stars, or add 2 plus 2 to equal 4. But they do not work to unravel Quantum Mechanics (in total), and the cache of oddities, such as “Superposition’s”, whereby subatomic particles are in several places at one time, until they are interrupted by measurement. Or do these current finite mathematics explain “Entanglement”, which allows for two subatomic elements to be millions of miles apart, however if one changes its state of “spin” or “electrical” charge the other particle millions of miles away responds instantly. Yes, this violates the concept of the speed of light as the fasted method of action in the Universe.

As Einstein called “Entanglement” Spooky, but none the less real. This seemingly violates the speed of light. But hold on, the Speed of Light travels, Entanglement implies “Connection”. Or what is known as Local action.

Space is the key to this thought equation. Since space is “Infinite” to the “Finite” Observer. Space in this context is also in union with waves – as well as particles. However waves may connect all things instantly, just as waves may allow for “Superposition’s.”

The answer is simply that: This makes us both Local and Non-Local at the same time. Waves and or theoretical “Strings” perhaps in some union – connect our space and possibly time in ways we do not fully comprehend. If true, our infinite extended connections are observed from a finite realm only. It might be important to note here: That simply no distance is allowed in an Infinite realm, as infinity is immune to classification, therefore it is all things and no things at the same time. Make sense? It usually should not, as finite logic has a difficult time with this both intuitively and implicitly mathematically. Make sense yet?

Probably not, as this means that “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything.” Hence there are no real “infinites” to calculate in an Infinite realm. But this last statement is a clear oxymoron, as it should be, as infinity does not have mathematics or anything defined based in or of it. As this would imply a finite realm. It is simply infinite, and does not apply to our finite realm of mathematics.

Mathematics is purely the purview of the finite.

When I said there are really no infinities in the infinite realm. I meant it. But to us, within the finite realm or finite conscious state, as observers, Infinities are what - infinity, space and time are made of. Once again, the ultimate and infinite conundrum. However, how does this allow for the stuff of existence, such as “us”, or cars, and trees and so on to exist? Well we do need infinity to have a finite realm, as I said.

That is the puzzle? That must never be answered technically, nor can it, again from a finite perspective or finite observer. This mind trap we are caught in trying to view infinity - would seem to drive one mad to think that Infinity, Space and Time have no beginning or an end.

But get use to it.

Infinity is indelible. Terms like “time” and “space” are non-words to describe Infinity correctly, as Infinity never had a beginning or an end. The space and time word terms we use within the realm of Infinities definition, or lack thereof, could not and do not exist. Unlike the finite world, which has an Alpha and Omega. (Dust to Dust, Evolution, and Space to move to, and a length of Time that life gives us to observe.

And – That is that…

We are here by way of connections of an indefinable Infinity, which has always been, and will always be. Make no mistake about it. This will provide us and others forever to give sentiency a journey to discover anew. New science from physics to health, coupled with new modes of life, new cultures to come. Save an Asteroid impacting the Earth, or a Super-Volcano taking us to our end of time as sentient beings. But others will arise, no doubt by way of times finite arrow.
The finite with a beginning and end is necessary, to find hope. Just imagine living for eternity without end. That proposition, would invoke a person to lose goals, have no new hopes, and actually impart a crazy madness of hopelessness. As you would be in the ultimate Trap, or Jail forever, if self-aware. What would be the point? One would ask themselves… And therefore, Life and Death, are necessary.

Dust to Dust and then perhaps? Take your best shot at a faithful guess! The options are many, the realities may be few. No one really knows. No one…
Plainly beyond us, the Infinite and Finite will ebb and flow, and new existences will arise through an endless connection to everything for all time…
Essential Points:

1. The Science is: That Infinity is incomprehensible to any complete understanding and, the Finite is limited to understanding all things, perhaps itself and certainly infinity. The connection between the finite and the infinite operate as if Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything… Have fun with that analogy! As for me, it holds true, as it confirms to me that cognitive logic eventually meets the illogic of Infinity. This lets us clearly know we will never actually know honestly and truthfully the great questions of life: As to know “ALL” or “Truth” would be to actually define a place and a time, which can only be finite. And that would defy the rules of Infinity, which cannot be technically ever defined. Otherwise it is no longer infinite; it would then become as a mere canvas with parameters. And Infinity is incomprehensible. End of Story – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow… In other words Forever!

2. The Moral is: That Legacies matter. Build a good one. The Butterfly Effect is always on… And that is what really matters.

All the best in our journey’s, Russ Otter

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