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Science of Natural Energy - Continuous Motion

Science of Energy and Thermodynamics
I need some help !

This BLOG is a call for help, related to working on energy generation. I have written before on this subject but I am simply refining the science, as well as my personal perceptions – in the hope to find someone with a physics background and facilities to work with. In other words, My objective is to find someone interested in this subject matter with a physics/mathematical background to work with me, and again, I would hope this article may clarify some of the science behind heretofore impossible visions. But after just having read Dr. Michio Kaku’s, book: “Physics of the impossible”, I have been re-invigorated at the moment to pursue this subject matter once again. I am no maven of science, but have the same zest I believe many of us have, such as Alan Alda, to pursue the intrigue of science and its possibilities. To that end, I have some prototype ideas, I would like to pursue, but really need a University’s, or professional lab and the personal to work with.

In brief, I will explain the science behind this interest of mine:

Thermodynamics is a Newtonian methodology, which works well with the “macro world”, but has some dings in the armor, related to both the macro and quantum worlds. It is not entirely sacrosanct, as are most “absolute laws”, save perhaps for infinity itself.

However, I fully agree that the second law of thermodynamics is virtually sacrosanct, as all things atrophy or simply wear out.

I also agree with the third law: “That we cannot escape where we are”, sort to speak.

But the first rule of thermodynamics is based on the exhaustion of matter into energy, and thereby the resultant diminution of both matter and energy, so it implies.

In the quantum world, and even the macro world, some forces, such as sun, wind, geothermal, water (Damn Power plants), electrostatics, and magnetism, along with gravity are energy sources that do not require, the USER (us) - to use what is already naturally available, without any form of ignition or activation. In other words the energy is self-initiated.

These sources of energy break into two distinct forms:

1. Electrostatics, magnetism, and gravity are self manifesting. They are ripe for the picking. As they are not matter converted to energy in a conventional manner, but energy that is abundant as existence itself.

2. The other forms of energy from natural sources such as the Sun or geothermal are more terminal in a few billion years or so, but they are available by exploiting what is already being naturally produced.

I would argue in Form 1 above that these forms of energy completely afford us the ability to exploit without diminishing matter. In fact they afford us the ability to leverage a gear-ratio cohesion that augments energy. It does not deplete it.

Form 2 above, granted will diminish with time, but they are abundant and self-actuating all of the time, unlike the manual efforts to burn coal or natural gas. This self-actualized nature makes them sources that do not fully adhere to the intent of the first law of thermodynamics, but they do adhere to its final outcome.

In summary:

Electrostatics married with gravity and magnetism, can provide a geared-ratio of energy, that does not diminish matter, but in fact augments energy, save the entropy of thermodynamics law 2. These forms of energy actually create energy that is more abundant that in its sole standalone form. I believe I can take magnetism and gravity combined to create sustained, albeit subject to entropy (mechanical wear and tear) to generate abundant and virtually free energy.

As quantum physics progresses, this will also be found to be true I believe via the force of particle physics continuous motion found in quantum mechanics. We already are beginning to see this natural leverage of nature impact the future of computers, albeit some time off before it is refined.

At the heart of these potential changes is the key to a new future for international human cohesion. A beginning to a new era of hope for humankind, if I may be so bold. As the creation of energy, from energy will level the playing field for an improved communication, and equality around the world.

I do believe in “continuous motion”, not “perpetual motion”, due to the second law of thermodynamics or entropy, or what I synonymously call atrophy of materials. However the consequences of “Continuous motion” are the virtual equivalent of perpetual motion, and the results obviously – speak for themselves. If possible, which I currently surmise, then this reality changes the playing field for everyone toward a fairer and more balanced world.

- But I do dream…

I would really like to work with someone on this aspect of generating energy from energy. That simple.

If any of you know of an institute of science where a lay person can share their ideas please refer me to that organization or individual. This will seem very farfetched, I am certain, but in this Universe of many unknowns, the impossible is possibly possible… That is one of the lesson’s I learned from reading some of Dr. Michio Kaku’s books…

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