Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Science: Is infinitely more than it seems...

Science: Is infinitely more than it seems…
[ Classic (Macro world) and Quantum (Micro world) ]

They underpin one another, but they are not based on the same math or logic. They are distinct in dimension [Period].

I do not expect anyone who does not follow physics and especially theoretical physics to read this BLOG.
Theoretical Physics is hard enough to follow, let alone understand, as it has its own language and bizarre concepts that actually defy the logic of the world we live within. For instance, the concept of “Entanglement” whereby micro-sized particles millions of miles apart respond to one another or communicate as if they were local to each other, whereby the speed of light does not apply. This is a proven phenomenon, also known as locality and non-locality behavior. The jargon of classical mathematics and quantum mechanics or the macro and micro worlds do not operate the same. This is of a confusing level, much as the concept of “infinity” is an impossible term to grasp. [ That of which has no beginning and no end. ] But I am printing my thoughts here for the few of you who may be involved with quantum physics and may be able to possibly forward my thoughts on to a forum that may take up the issues I raise below. It is my shot in the dark – to convey issues that have since my early adolescence captured my imagination. In the coming weeks, I will be refining my thoughts, and looking for a scientific journal or BLOG to hopefully publish to. And I do hope some of you find it of interest…

So read at your own will. As I have stated the language and concepts do really require some background in this bizarre field of “quantum mechanics” to really even get close to grasping what is being explained. Coupled with the fact, that I take my own liberties with my own conceptions to further confuse the issues. However my goal is to clear up, what I believe to be some former misconceptions.

The search for the “unified theory of nature or existance” is a fickle road in conventional terms. Quite simply because we live within an existence that is inscrutably possessed of “Infinity”. Infinities - cannot and will not succumb to classic mathematics. In fact classical mathematics breakdown and are void, outside of the macro-world or the real world of objects that we live within.

We also live within the “micro-world” or “particle-world” of quantum mechanics, that are the building blocks of our object world, made from atoms, quarks, electrons, photons, and so on, along with the world of what is known as “entanglement” and “superposition’s”, that defy all classical or common logic. Quite clearly, just as infinity does, if you try to extrapolate, or describe it in exposition or in mathematical terms. It simply will not, and cannot be done.

That is why I would call the quantum world, which underpins and creates our “real world”, the 5th dimension. In other words: There are the 3 physical dimensions (up/down,back/forward,side to side), plus time, plus the quantum or infinity realms, that are separate dimensions in my view. And both the macro and micro-worlds contain the Four-Forces we know of in the physics world, as the “strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravity forces. These forces are the glue and engine of the dimensions we exist within.

I would also add 2 sub-dimensions to the quantum world: Number One: Particle and Number Two: Wave. These are the transmission modes of the micro world. And they do behave quite differently, and often in tandem, unlike they always do in the macro-world or object-world we live our daily lives within.

1. Quantum Particle transport is based on the speed of light as defined by Albert Einstein.
2. Wave transport, I would argue, is a continuous (connected method of transport) that allows for “Entanglement” to occur. (In my opinion) Quantum Entanglement represents the concept of “infinity in action”, it is a non-locality based transport that is always connected, as if all separated objects were based on the concept of “locality”. Waves are connected, making the notion of “Everything, Nothing - and Nothing, Everything” all at the same moment in time. This is where classical math breaks down and we have to rely on a new methodology and understanding of time and space, hence “Infinity” to describe existence per se. It is that complicated and that simple. Or Indescribable…

Secondly, for accuracies sake, there may be 5 or 6 more dimensions if “string theory” is correct, but those are of the quantum micro-world, bound to the indefinable quantum dimension we are infinitely bound too.

• I am a layperson with a basic understanding of the world in which we live. And these realms or dimensions are the basics, we are both simplistically born into, and currently all capable of understanding. But understanding is a qualified term, as some things can and cannot be understood: The paradox of life…

With the passing of Time which is a misnomer in its own right, given the “special theory of relativity”, for which I will explain in a moment, we will expand our understanding, thus increase our knowledge of the forever and infinitely non-understandable. That is the ultimate truth we are compelled to, as finite beings, existing within an infinite realm. “Simply: We are always and infinitely expanding our knowledge.” In other words, some things Are Not understandable, given that you are a finite being within and infinite realm. Finite by definition cannot grasp the infinite. This is more of a philosophical point rather than a mathematical, but they are synonymous. Synonymous, due to the fact that classical math as I have stated before breaks down at the point of some aspects of the quantum world and its “entanglement” or infinite underpinnings that allow our world, or our very existence to occur.

I will use time, as we have defined it in classical mathematical terms to illustrate, at least to me, that our perceptions of time today through the lens of Einstein’s special relativity is not accurate.

As I explain my thought processes, keep in mind what I have said about the “Quantum” and the “Relative” worlds, or the “micro and macro” realms of physics: They are different in virtually every way. The macro and micro worlds are affected differently by gravity, by the tandem travel of waves and particles in the micro world, and by entanglement amongst other inscrutable behaviors. They are of two dimensions, if you will. Think of the very famous thought experiment of “Schrodinger’s Cat”. It is a bogus argument, because it involves both the macro world of the “Cat” and the micro world of “quantum mechanics” to enable the description of the cat being both alive and dead at the same time, or in a superposition. This can never be, as superposition’s and entanglements are restricted to the quantum or micro world of atomic particles. This is what has been done with speaking about an astronaut traveling at near the speed of light, and behaving the same way as muons, or electrons do. It is a spurious scenario, that continues to mislead us, as we explore time and space. Simply put: macro biology or physiology, does not change with velocity, outside the normal changes that gravity imposes on impacting heart or breathing rates. Yet we have continued to discount or ignore this monumental difference when we engage our mathematical or particle experiments. It is comparing apples to elephants!

Time: The notion of time as changing due to the speed of travel is a misguided concept. It is accurate in theory, but not in fact. My Theorem: “Time is immutable, just as space is. Both are underpinned by infinity and quantum mechanics, which dismantle classic mathematics and physics as we might hope to simply define them.” This is a simple theorem, that speaks clearly for itself. In other words “time and space” are fixed and outside of our finite understanding. They do not change, as “Special Relativity” implies, by curving or slowing down or speeding up dependent on speed and mass. They can be described as such in a quasi-manner, but in fact they remain as they are. Infinite and inexplicable.

The current understanding of time is based on mass and velocity, or Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, but time is again, as I said immutable, and subject not to the speed of an object, relative to its mass, but to its mass alone, subject to gravity. In other words all objects will not slow down or speed up based on the speed by which we travel. The current experiments that use atomic clocks: One clock stationary and the other traveling at high speed and then are used to measure their times which are logically different, is fatally flawed. Time is effected by way of atomic clocks, simply by the gravity or mass it experiences within its travel. Again in other words, if a clock is traveling at a high velocity, it experiences greater gravity in a shorter period of time, which alters its mechanical functions. Time does not actually change only the forces of gravity that impact its mechanics changes. Thus slow down or speed up its time actuations. Time remember is immutable. [Period]

Time has been manipulated by mixing the dimensions of Classic mathematics and Quantum mechanic realms - as if they were one. They are not. This has distorted our perceptions of the immutable and unchangeable nature of time and the notions of a curved space. [ Classic Relativity and Quantum mechanics are unique and distinct. That simple, and this premise of confusing the two with the same assumed mathematics has miss-led us, very understandably, but also, very obviously. ]

I will attempt to give an example:

We need to first dispel the notion of curved space. This is another concept derived from the concepts of the speed of light and mass. This is not the truth of our obscure and infinitely indescribable existence.

It seems to me that Time and Space are immutable. Contrary to current belief, they are as fixed as the cognitive notion of existence itself, or as immutable as the fixed solution to a geometric equation.

Time and Space have been determined to be changeable based on velocity and density, and consequently marry up into the term timespace. The singular term has merit, since combined time and space are the common objects of physical dimension as we understand them. But the notion that time changes and that space curves are relative ways for language only to express the effects of gravity on those elements of energy and or mass. Curved space and Time Running Slow are even poetically acceptable terms, but not physically accurate facts.

Light only curves as would any other object of mass, when gravity impacts it. Without gravity it would not so-called curve. To be less confusing about what physically takes place during the curving of light is to describe the impacts of gravity on any object as simply changing the objects direction, due to the force of gravity. You may want to call this “curved space”, but it only convolutes a simple picture into an unnecessary description, that obscures classical physics.

Likewise the experiments that demonstrate time slowing down is a misguided misnomer. Time does not slow down, whether at the Event Horizon, or with an atomic clock running under different velocity from another atomic clock. Simply the mechanics of the (macro/micro) particles that operate the measurement tools (clocks) are impacted by gravity via high velocities and thus slow down both the quantum and relative pieces of mechanical matter that operate measuring devices. Time is not slowed down. Matter is slowed down, by physical forces. Matter is not time. Time has no mass, i.e., it does not curve.

Time and Space are physically immutable. It is surprising to me that this simple fact seems to elude us or at least I have not seen it explained as such.

Even more surprising to me is that we have not harnessed continuous motion with the natural forces in the universe as we know them. I do not call it perpetual motion, since all mechanical matter decomposes (wears out) and replacement is necessary, so perpetual is somewhat of a misrepresentation technically. But continuous motion seems to be a reality that I have several ways I could explain to make this possible without fossil or other material fuels. Yet I never see much on the subject other than – it cannot be done because it violates a thermodynamic theorem? I would note if our theorems are based on the logic that “matter is time”, therefore time slows down, then I rest my case.

Please also see this article, where the second law of thermodynamics is challenged:
This article further supports my premise regarding “Energy” and its continuous potential.

I have detailed out how to provide for “continuous” motion and would like to work with someone in this field. I hope you find my explanations above of merit, so that I might find someone with the mathematical background, that I do not have to work with me on this project, along with the funding necessary to achieve this relatively simple goal, using natural forces. I do have another BLOG called “Smart Energy Now”, that touches the surface of this subject.

Thank You,
Russ Otter
November, 2009