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The binding of existence

This is a story, built upon knowledge, intuition, and speculation. In the end, it is built upon some known theoretically successfully tested truths, and some unknowns conveyed in a formula that I consider trumps any objections – as we ponder the scope of existence. First we know of existence, by way of our self-awareness, coupled with scientific knowledge. Second by way of the unknowns i.e., “Infinity”, that must incongruously play with us (self-aware-finite creatures), in some connected manner.

This Second irascibly indefinable thing called “Infinity”, simply stumps our “finite” minds every time, when we attempt to figure out its mathematical infinities. As it must. As if it did not stump our efforts to understand it, it would become defined, and anything defined, is “Finite.”. So we have an absolute conundrum that operates our existence. But we are still connected, in a union, both finite and infinite, through the known attributes we have scientifically tested to be true. As without “Infinity”, there can be no “Finite.” And remember Infinity, has no bounds, no time, no space, no beginning and no end.

This is plainly contrary to finite logic, but Infinity simply is contrary. Always has been. And always will be. But it is also the very milk of our very finite existences… We are Connected… Our actions matter, as I will soon explain – in summary.

INFINITY: Irascible and fundamentally a necessary fickle fact. An argument that no mathematics or thought equation can defend against… To challenge this premise is to supersede infinity’s very nature. It will never ever happen.

Therefore we are circumscribed to live within, the physics - largely of Newtonian and Einstein’s mathematics. I would caution to note: that these finite mathematics are subject to change that currently work fairly well for our finite existence as we mathematically calculate how to penetrate and maneuver the Stars, or add 2 plus 2 to equal 4. But they do not work to unravel Quantum Mechanics (in total), and the cache of oddities, such as “Superposition’s”, whereby subatomic particles are in several places at one time, until they are interrupted by measurement. Or do these current finite mathematics explain “Entanglement”, which allows for two subatomic elements to be millions of miles apart, however if one changes its state of “spin” or “electrical” charge the other particle millions of miles away responds instantly. Yes, this violates the concept of the speed of light as the fasted method of action in the Universe.

As Einstein called “Entanglement” Spooky, but none the less real. This seemingly violates the speed of light. But hold on, the Speed of Light travels, Entanglement implies “Connection”. Or what is known as Local action.

Space is the key to this thought equation. Since space is “Infinite” to the “Finite” Observer. Space in this context is also in union with waves – as well as particles. However waves may connect all things instantly, just as waves may allow for “Superposition’s.”

The answer is simply that: This makes us both Local and Non-Local at the same time. Waves and or theoretical “Strings” perhaps in some union – connect our space and possibly time in ways we do not fully comprehend. If true, our infinite extended connections are observed from a finite realm only. It might be important to note here: That simply no distance is allowed in an Infinite realm, as infinity is immune to classification, therefore it is all things and no things at the same time. Make sense? It usually should not, as finite logic has a difficult time with this both intuitively and implicitly mathematically. Make sense yet?

Probably not, as this means that “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything.” Hence there are no real “infinites” to calculate in an Infinite realm. But this last statement is a clear oxymoron, as it should be, as infinity does not have mathematics or anything defined based in or of it. As this would imply a finite realm. It is simply infinite, and does not apply to our finite realm of mathematics.

Mathematics is purely the purview of the finite.

When I said there are really no infinities in the infinite realm. I meant it. But to us, within the finite realm or finite conscious state, as observers, Infinities are what - infinity, space and time are made of. Once again, the ultimate and infinite conundrum. However, how does this allow for the stuff of existence, such as “us”, or cars, and trees and so on to exist? Well we do need infinity to have a finite realm, as I said.

That is the puzzle? That must never be answered technically, nor can it, again from a finite perspective or finite observer. This mind trap we are caught in trying to view infinity - would seem to drive one mad to think that Infinity, Space and Time have no beginning or an end.

But get use to it.

Infinity is indelible. Terms like “time” and “space” are non-words to describe Infinity correctly, as Infinity never had a beginning or an end. The space and time word terms we use within the realm of Infinities definition, or lack thereof, could not and do not exist. Unlike the finite world, which has an Alpha and Omega. (Dust to Dust, Evolution, and Space to move to, and a length of Time that life gives us to observe.

And – That is that…

We are here by way of connections of an indefinable Infinity, which has always been, and will always be. Make no mistake about it. This will provide us and others forever to give sentiency a journey to discover anew. New science from physics to health, coupled with new modes of life, new cultures to come. Save an Asteroid impacting the Earth, or a Super-Volcano taking us to our end of time as sentient beings. But others will arise, no doubt by way of times finite arrow.
The finite with a beginning and end is necessary, to find hope. Just imagine living for eternity without end. That proposition, would invoke a person to lose goals, have no new hopes, and actually impart a crazy madness of hopelessness. As you would be in the ultimate Trap, or Jail forever, if self-aware. What would be the point? One would ask themselves… And therefore, Life and Death, are necessary.

Dust to Dust and then perhaps? Take your best shot at a faithful guess! The options are many, the realities may be few. No one really knows. No one…
Plainly beyond us, the Infinite and Finite will ebb and flow, and new existences will arise through an endless connection to everything for all time…
Essential Points:

1. The Science is: That Infinity is incomprehensible to any complete understanding and, the Finite is limited to understanding all things, perhaps itself and certainly infinity. The connection between the finite and the infinite operate as if Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything… Have fun with that analogy! As for me, it holds true, as it confirms to me that cognitive logic eventually meets the illogic of Infinity. This lets us clearly know we will never actually know honestly and truthfully the great questions of life: As to know “ALL” or “Truth” would be to actually define a place and a time, which can only be finite. And that would defy the rules of Infinity, which cannot be technically ever defined. Otherwise it is no longer infinite; it would then become as a mere canvas with parameters. And Infinity is incomprehensible. End of Story – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow… In other words Forever!

2. The Moral is: That Legacies matter. Build a good one. The Butterfly Effect is always on… And that is what really matters.

All the best in our journey’s, Russ Otter

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What is Existence?

What is Existence?
(How to improve it…)

Well Get in Line… This question seems to trump everyone, when we try to grasp, what actually is beyond our reach… As keep in mind we are finite sentient beings, with a limited capability to understand “Everything.” Did not our so-called God, state in replete terms that to try to understand him was futile, and beyond our ability? If you are a person of ideological faith, you would be wise to take note…

If you believe you can understand existence through faith, superstition, mythology, mathematics or the physics of Relativity, Space-Time, Momentum space, quantum or Phase Space, String Theory or just by simply unifying the four known forces: Again – Get in a Very Long Line, one in which you will contribute to the discussion and produce some often positive results, but will miss asking the right question. And that question is fundamental to understanding, to truth, to ad infinitum fact, that you will never as a finite being or even an infinite being, if such a thing were possible, have the capability to Understand the answer to this Question: What is Existence? Beyond the intuitive knowledge that you will never know, save for your common sense that it is real, just as you experience pain, and joy.

That simple.

And to review all of the models that attempt to assume they may find the “Theory of Everything”, is a pondering, that will bear fruit, just as a whittler improves at his craft through the years, but the whittler will never reach perfection. But the fruit, the beauty of the Rainbow, not the end pot of gold, is the true gold or reward - that will improve our lives, balanced with a single guideline as we forever scientifically discover, and that guideline is the “Golden Rule.”

Unify these elements (Knowledge/Golden Rule), and we will treat ourselves and others better, far beyond any leader, potentate or politician’s wanting chatter.

And by the way, this should raise an eyebrow or two: The four known forces are already “unified.” Yet we have missed the core of that issue: Gravities “Variability” or the relative nature of Gravity. Once this is more fully understood, the four-forces will be unified on paper, but it will not change our understanding of the universe or of our existence. Unity or Unification of Existence must be of a combining the Infinite with the Finite, and that is, as I have said for years - is a twain that shall never meet.” They will co-exist as they must to provide the balance to existence itself, but they are as separate as separate can be. One is “Limited” and One is “Omniscient”. One has an Alpha and an Omega, and One has no Alpha or Omega. One is comprehensible and one is forever non-comprehensible.

If you were able to transcend from the finite to the infinite, you would no longer have knowledge, ego, hope, joy, pain or suffering, as these are all based on definitions which have limits, and the infinite has no limits. In fact the infinite may be all of the things I have mentioned, but you would never have the awareness to know it, as that would define you as an entity, and to be an entity, would make you by definition “Finite.” This conundrum, this paradox is the power of existence and its reality, that will defy all attempts to define existence, as once defined, it hence becomes finite. That is a thought equation that will never be trumped.

So the quest for the “Theory of Everything”, while I consider critical and essential to better our everyday finite life, is not a realistic prize that has an end. It is a prize by those who are committed to the journey and what that journey produces for all of us - along the way.

So I say: Here – Here !!!: to Knowledge, as Knowledge has unlocked the world from many a mythological torment, and brought us forward into the honest fruits of our minds better natures and to a better life and into the light of truth.

Just because we must acknowledge many fragmented and miss-guided efforts in our experience to learn, we only better ourselves through humility in that process, coupled with the knowledge gained; as our commitment is strengthened as the fabric of the truly caring and strength of character is born as we continue to whittle away. For to give up in the pursuit of knowledge is to give up on goodness, is to give up on what some might call - a so-called God. I harbor no ill-will to the motivations of knowledge, as long as they are balanced with that single issue I raised before, the Golden Rule.

Please never give up. For once we do, we give in and let the tyrants of truth, and the ideologues of ancient times who selfishly ran the world, rear their heads again. That is where we came from, and shame on anyone not willing to introspectively move forward – always… And put the attributes and attitudes of children behind us, as now we are adults and should behave as such...

Today we see a resurgence of such ideological faith based neophytes detracting us away from knowledge, causing heinous harm to themselves and others by blowing themselves up in the name of Allah or God for a cause or causes for which all rationality is lost, and completely devoid of the “Golden Rule.” We must through knowledge and the unity that technology can manifest put an end to this horror. No Government, Individual, Religion or Culture, should be allowed to trump the Golden Rule, and the intrinsic nature of goodness for their culture. If they do, they should be institutionalized to protect the rest of the world from misguided horror and harm. This should be a global principle to protect the unprotected.

Just imagine, if someday these so-called ideological vultures who prey on the poor and ignorant - to do their evil deeds, where met by people with an education, who had the advanced science that provided universal “Energy” to run their homes and shelters. I dare say these vultures would meet a more unified and decent world, with greater equality and means to defeat these demagogues of truth. Education and technology would unite these heretofore improvised in spirit, purpose, and provide a decent means of living to unify with others more fairly and it would limit the power of selfish leaders. Knowledge, education, technology on a ubiquitous level will change this world. It will not be done with guns, bombs or politicians. It will be done with Science and the practical caring for others. And I will say it again: The Golden Rule, that is at the core of nearly all religions, but has been manipulated by many selfish clergy, monks and mullah’s. This is the world we are in today: We are today, so advanced and mature from our cruel past and yet still so selfish and corrupt in so many parts of the world. Science can stop this cruelty. To that end I am going to suggest some hopes for the future through the improvement of Science, as I continue review the of “What is Existence?”

It is critical to note that the “Four known Forces” (Electromagnetic, Gravity, Weak, Strong) seem to drive so much conversation and interest as the missing link, has appeared to be, “Quantum Gravity.” However, take it from me! I disagree as I have already stated! Big surprise: Let me explain why one more time, In brief:

Gravity is Variable or Relative, even though it is considered the weakest of all the four forces.
In other words at the quantum level it is supremely weak, and possibly impacted as well by the force of quarks, protons, electrons, dark energy and dark matter, and the list goes on. Given its extreme weakness it is superseded by other forces at work.
However move Gravity to the arena of a Black Hole and it currently from what we understand today supersedes every other force. It is so strong, not even a photon or light can theoretically escape.

In summary: Due to the variability of the strength of gravity based on its environment, it is unified with the other 3 forces.
Fundamental is the points I have already made about the Infinite and the Finite above as well. We need to grasp this central issue as well, to understand that the term “Unification” is a vagary, as something’s will be unified and other things will simply not be. There are known’ s and there are forever going to be unknowns. To assume beyond this premise - spends some wasted mental energy…

Now to close this essay on “What is Existence”, as I have said the pursuit of knowledge is at the core of changing our existence for the better. So I would like to end with a subject based on that issue. So my second subject relates to “Smart Energy Now”, of which I have written about before. But I am going to share it again, to hopefully find some traction, and the right people to move this forward.

Here is an outline of some of the reasons why – along with some brief details:

Smart Energy Now…

Natural Forces in nature provide multiple endless Energy models, without expending fossil fuels. Is anyone willing to work with me, who has a physics background?

What will it accomplish?

Evolution on a monumental scale. Migrating from a fossil fuel world to an automated world devoid of expending fossil fuels. It will overnight, in unbounded terms, provide universal energy to the entire world, not just the industrialized nations or emerging nations. It will provide a unifying playing field for the people of all nations to find more common options in which to better communicate and improve our common understanding and standard of living.

Note: Even I believe these ideas sound as if I have a large dose of megalomania lodged into my grey matter, but it simply needs to be tested and moved forward. Even if I am only 90% correct, it could change energy production as we currently understand it today.

Why is it important?

To improve life, to advance conservation of precious fossil fuels for other uses. To change the world and provide it with greater possibilities. To liberate. As well as dramatically control carbon emissions from the planet, coupled with enabling universal energy to all individuals or societies who either require or desire it.

What are the anticipated outcomes?

Virtually near- free recycled-energy and or regenerated energy, provided by the current clean and robust elements of energy, such as “gravity”, “electrostatics”, “magnetism”. And all that implies.

What will be its enduring impact?

Forever alter the social structures and thereby the social requirements of the world. In other words energy provided on an equal playing field for all people will in effect tie us all closer together in function and in equal choices. It would theoretically replace monopolies and cartel’s with freedom. As well as being groundbreaking for all of physics, and all sciences in general.

Further Project Description:

This project began with me as a child, trying to figure out how to automatically run my tricycle and my little green army jeep that required peddling a wheel or armature bar to turn the wheels. I was obviously a lazy kid that did not desire to labor too much – taking too much physical laboring to peddle thru the sidewalks and streets – in my youthful days!

I remember constructing the concept, using magnets, and then let the idea fade as I entered school and grew-up as a young man going to school and then on to my working career. Just before I retired, I was still intrigued by the idea, and began to construct the project in my garage, with some success. However I soon realized I needed a physics partner with a background in electronics, especially electrostatics and the mathematics to aid in the assumptions as well as scribe in the language of science – the calculated results.

And as I knew that would take some higher levels of mathematical language, certainly beyond my expertise.

These multiple ideas of automatic energy, from my youth that I mused about, once detailed will give away the intellectual property, to anyone with a hint of conceptual capability. I am very willing to give the intellectual property away, but would like to work on the project.

In simple terms, you may think it violates the fundamental thermodynamic entropy theology, which we have all been indoctrinated with.

By the way I consider thermodynamic science more a theology and manifest scotoma in our lexicon, rather than a fact. In my own humble opinion physics is incalculable, and to rely on definitions, is to limit physics or existence itself. Neither have limits, therefore – in my puny assumptive world – Physics is forever a living definition, as well as a fixed proof. Much as “Infinity is both sides of the same coin – at once.”

Therefore I will fundamentally argue that thermodynamic entropy is relative for “like” for “like” kinetic actions: which will diminish “force”, as it today properly outlines.

However if you change the “Like for Like” concepts when generating energy, you change the rules by which “thermodynamic entropy” was developed. In other words, If you use two dimensions to generate kinetic energy, complemented in equal response to one dimension, generating its own energy. You alter or augment the output energy produces. Hence the “like for like” action = reaction is modified and the results are not like for like. Action can multiply Re-action. This provides for a gear ratio that augments energy output using natural forces. As well as other forces (fossil fuels too.)

This process using natural forces, such as Electrostatics, Magnetism and Gravity, among other natural stores of energy in a form which is non-relative or in other words using a differential gear –ratio that trumps lost energy. This does so by way of leveraging opposite dimensions and gravity. Thus it changes the scientific or theological rules that constricted the methods used to define generic thermodynamics. In other words thermodynamics becomes truly dynamic, rather than static.

My clumsy written formulas: ( See D, G, 1D, CM, etc. definitions in “Bold” below )1. Electrostatics created by: D² + G in Linear 1D = CM2. M+ (+ & -) + G = CM * Note, Electrostatics could be included to augment output.3. Combination of both formula’s to leverage ultimate energy output potential.

D = Dimensions G = Gravity CM = Continuous Motion E= Electrostatics 1D = 1 Dimension

Simply stated: It combines linear and non-linear actions to produce energy that is continuous.

NOTE: Two basic methods: 1. G&E (Gravity & Electrostatics) 2. M+G (Magnetism & Gravity)

Stated in another fashion, there are 2 forms of possible methods: 1) independent of electrostatics which uses Gravity and Magnetism) and 2 with the use of electrostatics in combined ways to achieve natural energy from natural forces:1. Form: A Uses Dimensions x 2 (Down and Side to Side) run by Gravity (Non-Linear) generating electrostatics combined with a linear (Up) Dimension.

This Linear and non-linear interaction provides the mechanisms to create a gear ratio that multiplies itself. Hence you gain continuous motion which could then provide for heat and other outputs to generate endless energy.2. Form: B Uses both positive and negative Magnetism in graduated powers, to direct motion in an upward direction opposing gravity, and then uses electrostatics captured in the downward thrust to leverage additional energy, and then re-deployed again and again by magnetism alone in an upward motion.

Note, the “electromagnetism” is not necessary, but a natural benefit that should be leveraged from the simple process of motion ( That both Gravity and Motion provide for).Variations of these forms of operations are dependent on mechanical engineering.

Additionally, electrostatics can be enhanced by using a circular glass ball for instance, with other internal triboelectric materials to augment the energy produced beyond the direct gravity effects of tribolelectic stimulus, using for example a Teflon tube and a glass ball.

These two materials: 1) “Glass” and 2)”Teflon” are near opposites for electron transfer on the triboelectric scale, which generate electrostatics. The electrostatics would be captured within a capacitor for electric generation.

NOTE: I use the term “continuous motion”, vs. “perpetual motion”, since all mechanical matter decomposes (wears out). Perpetual is generally an accurate statement, save matter decay; for which at that point – motion ceases.

Thermodynamics fundamentally proposes that you cannot squeeze blood from a turnip. Or in other words, energy depletes, and will not sustain itself. But if you change the mechanical genetics of the turnip, you can. Metaphorically, and practically that can be accomplished when Energy and Matter are merged together in a completely clean and virtually innocuous manner.

Simply you apply 3 dimensional forces in a manner which leverages 2 dimensions against or in complement to 1 dimension. Nature working at its best. That Simple.

With the “continuous motion” of matter, then heat or additional motion receptors can be activated generating excess energy, superseding the level of energy required to generate this continuous motion of matter. Thus continuous energy is produced by way of natural forces: (Gravity / Magnetism / Electrostatics).

Sounds highly improbable – given current thinking, but intellectually it is quite plausible. Again, my goal is to work with a lab of scientist’s to pursue this objective, as I have outlined above. It may seem obscure, but once I share the simple mechanics of this idea, I hope you will find it of interest and most importantly possible.

If it is possible, the world changes. I know it sounds in large part to be more than just a bit delusional, but even if we leverage 90% of this potential, we succeed beyond what exists today and provide for the clean and necessary energy the world depends upon.

Ultimate objectives and gains:

Secondarily this project, if actualized, would certainly secure a Nobel Prize, due to its unique utilization of “continuous motion” and would therefore support the investment returns to the philanthropists and scientists involved.

Foremost it will be “humanity changing” for the good. Providing a leap in the advance of science and living standards for the people of this world. It will expedite the integration of humanity buy tying us together via sources of energy necessary to improve communication and common living standards that would better integrate the world.

Coupled with the saving of fossil fuels for other uses, combined with less pollution. And in that process it would hopefully improve understanding and common cause among us all, rather than living with the continuing social divides that hinder those decent objectives.

In sharing these thoughts on the potentials for energy production with new methodologies, it is my objective to hopefully find someone seriously interested to pursue these ideas.

Simply and profoundly that is my end goal. These concepts are actually basic, and the mechanics I have in mind to build a working model, would not be difficult given access to scientists in the area of physics, and electrostatics’ along with some very common materials.


We exist because of the concept called a “Paradox.” Paradoxes have no answers, they can never be broken. They are the infinite fuel of existence itself.

Combined with Knowledge, we change the world, we change Existence…

Thanks for listening, Russ Otter
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Physics Issues, that raise eyebrows…

Physics Issues, that raise eyebrows…

By Russ Otter
August 2011

There is a broad and engaging article on "Existentialism (July 23-29) in New Scientist Magazine. It is a well put together series of articles. However, I would like to make a few points, that seem to elude conversation, almost as if we have assumed what we really cannot know to be true, save intuition.

I want to identify in the next few items below some physics issues that could use some further review and commitment too, as we look for the Holy Grail of Physics… Knowledge that will propel us into a future whereby we are enabled to treat each other much better. These issues are often by passed, but are important to move closer to the truth of existence.

Number 1 Issue: In an article: [Ref[1] Alan Guth, makes a statement that is brilliant:

Paraphrasing: "Maybe Something is Nothing." This is the balance of the Cosmos, which will continue to stand the test of time, but never find its final proof, as Infinity will always curtail that reality. Please additionally read my article “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”, as in truth, the Big Bang Universe is no more than a mere spec in the scheme of space and time, even smaller than a planck’s smallest known size. Just as “Entanglement” and “Superposition’s” trump all Space and Time, and the Classical Physics hails as ultimate truth. Ref [2]

Number 2 Issue: Note: Most writers, and thinkers involved with physics or philosophy, tend to discount, or assume that "Time and Space" were somehow "None-Existent" before the Big Bang. That seems a novel or naive perspective, as no one really knows, coupled with an implicit fact, that “Infinity” by definition has no beginning or no end. I personally sense Time and Space to have been the whipping boys and girls of assumptive physics for far too long, such as assuming space and time curve, and so on. Only relative to mass does Space or its particles move or so-called curve, as anything so-called curves, relative to gravity. NOTE: From this assumption we have created all forms of novel thinking, such as time travel “Back to the Past”. Good Luck on that assumption from a sentient perspective.

Number 3 Issue: Inflation, is assumed to have happened, all but justified because it fits our needs to understand the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background), etc. But just as Alan Guth poignantly pointed out "Perhaps something is nothing". So perhaps Entanglement, which violates Time and Space and the Speed of Light, was the beginning trigger, not simply a so-called singularity? It is a question worth examination.

Number 4 Issue: Gravity is always called the weakest force, relative to its counter-parts. Gravity is Relative or in other words always variable dependent upon its environment. For instance: Gravity Trumps all forces at the realm of a Black Hole, but acts like near massless quarks, next to one another in a micro environment, and is no-doubt impacted by other dark energy and dark matter along with its other 3 forces at a quantum level. Therefore gravity at the quantum level is weak, but not non-existent. So the 4 forces we know of are unified, as they are relative to the environment they reside in, therefore electrons do not eventually collapse into the nuclei.

However, I do not believe that Classical Physics and Quantum Physics are unified, only the four-forces. Please review my own personal Blog on this subject: Ref [2] @ this site: “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”, or also Search for “Russ Otter” to find the article and others. This prime article is: "Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything." The thoughts I have in this article is why Alan Guth a cosmologist from MIT, really caught my eye in an article: Ref [1]

Number 5 Issue: Smart Energy Now: This is part of another article I have written at the website:, titled: “Our Universe, Science and Energy Potentials in Review”. Please look for the section called “Smart Energy Now.” This is the greatest potential for the human race to build unity, that I can currently envision. This article in brief explores the development of “Continuous Motion”, not “Perpetual Motion”, as all things atrophy, using our natural forces: Electrostatics, Gravity and Magnetism, versus the need for fossil fuels. This is the area I have several working models in mind, and would like to work with a physicist, with the mathematical language of science to optimize its development. This is implicitly doable, but most physicists will evoke the 2 law of thermodynamics to derail the effort. Make no mistake this is an area the world is headed towards, as even the 2 law is not sacrosanct, and uses variables that are myopic. See Ref [3] for some further thoughts about this issue:

Russ Otter

NOTE: I am looking to engage anyone on any of these issues, and better yet work with you to advance the knowledge related to any of these subjects…
Ref [1] Comment by: Alan Guth, Cosmologist @ MIT, Magazine Article: pg: 28 “Why is there something rather than nothing?, July 23-29, New Scientist.

Ref [2] Author: Russ Otter, Title: “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”

Ref [3] Author: J. Miguel Rubin, Article: The Long Arm of the Second Law”, Magazine: Scientific American, October 2008, Pgs: 63-67

Monday, July 11, 2011

Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything

Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything

By Russ Otter

July, 2011

Provocative perhaps, weird, illogical: Yes indeed. But that is the paradox, the conundrum that fits into the open box of ideas and ultimate logic, as we ponder the nature of existence, which has no beginning and no end.

To begin this story, I need to address some fundamentals, with a few leaps from the intuitive aspects of our minds. And that story begins with the physics, we live within, and how they operate, or at minimum from what we currently understand, which is not the whole story, to be certain. As the whole story involves “Infinity” which must defy understanding, save our ever evolving quest for knowledge, which will always come up wanting, as infinity, by definition is beyond complete comprehension.

As you will hear me repeat over and over again and again, for if “Infinity” were comprehendible, it would have limits, and therefore defy its own nature, i.e., therefore becoming finite. It would be a mere fairytale, of our mental illusions. And truth is not an illusion. So make no mistake about the limits of your comprehension. They exist and will forever exist, save an impression found through instinctive logic or perhaps, better said instinctive illogic, but not from any firm notion through the pining efforts of mathematical truths, which are finite at best.

But to begin this story, I will begin discussing some premises of physics, beginning with Quantum Mechanics, of which we all are born from. Quantum physics, seems in some sense to be the bridge between the Infinite and the Finite, but that is just a definition formed from the limits that words hold us to. In truth, I believe the Finite and the Infinite are absolutes and that never meet, but with some exception, by way of the Quantum world, which contains the weird-science, that mirrors both worlds, through “Entanglement” and “Superposition’s”, among other obscure physical realities, that defy explanation in either a finite or infinite form of definition.

NOTE: This bridge that quantum mechanics bears, is a window into two existences. From which the mechanics of - actually allow life itself, as well as infinity to exist, or differently said, co-exist with the finite. As one is not possible without the other.

Quantum Physics for those who do not know much about it, unlike our Classical Physics, which simply tells us that 2+2=4, is the bearer of our birth as sentient beings. Without the weirdness and mystery of the Quantum, we would dangle in despair trying to elucidate or impose the Classical model of life as the core of physics. And it is Not, save the world of the “Finite”. Our Classical Mathematics proves clearly that its own mathematics and science will never resolve the answer to “Infinity”. Infinities are the possible province only of the Quantum and of the Infinite. And for us as finite sentient beings, these obscurities that trump mathematical formulas to understand, will so, and be so forever - or at the very least preach of an agnostic truth, which will be all that is left to human sciences, save perceptions – perhaps…

To hopefully clarify: The Alpha and the Omega have no beginning and no end. To suggest otherwise would be to live in a fairytale, which we often do to find answers, when we should actually admit to our ideological selves and rather commit to reality as it spells itself out, with answers, and non-answers.

After all: These are just the simple facts of the finite existence we occupy, as consciousness is a confined term… If we were Infinite, or omniscient, we would not be conscious, as that would limit us. Again, this may seem to be a foggy concept, but it is really very basic and important to understand. I will continue to repeat and hound upon this premise above, while I explain the fundamentals of existence, as they exist, regardless of my point of view.

A Brief Explanation NOTE: Quantum and Classical Physics have never fully resolved themselves with similar physics, yet both exist: The Classical World is made of objects we can see and touch, such as: Plastic, Metal, Humans, Animals, Stars, as well as conceptually Space and Time. The Quantum World is made of micro particles, such as atoms, electrons, photons, quarks, neutrinos, and the list goes on. But these micro particles make up the macro particles of us: Human Beings, Cars, Dirt, Asphalt, and the matter we see and touch. To briefly touch on this subject and the objective distinctions: I will give you a couple of examples: If in our Macro-World (Finite Matter), If I through a Baseball at 2 windows on a wall it will go through one of the windows, but in the Micro-World of the Quantum particle world: if I throw an electron or a photon at that same window it will go through both at the same time. Logically it makes no sense, but it has been proven by experiment. Additionally we have a premise in the Quantum Mechanical world called “Entanglement”: It defies the speed of light, and treats all objects as if they were local to one another, rather than separate. In other words, if I had two micro particles, such as a photon, millions of miles apart, and I changed the spin of one companion particle photon, its counter-part millions of miles away will change its spin at the very same time. This has also been experimentally proven. But logically in a Classical Physics world, this does not happen, as we are bound by the laws of the speed of light, or what is known as local and non-local behavior.

Even beyond the Quantum science we are now observing from within our finite world, quantum mechanics still defies complete explanation. It is a reality we will never fully know, as it is un-caged by Infinity itself… I would suggest that the Quantum world, is the link between a twain that will never meet: The Infinite and the Finite, yet they co-exist through our necessary quantum partnership.

To reiterate: In fact, the truth-be-known: “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”, thanks to the Quantum, which bears us our very life’s - as sentient beings. As it is from quantum particles, that we form matter, in the form of our finite selves. Beyond that province of Sentiency, we are captives of a mystery, forever unresolved, but not unacknowledged…

Infinity is and will forever be of a weirdness to the Classical mind, as the mind itself is finite, yet quantum truth, is outside that circumscribed realm, hence it is additionally of infinite bias.
Even though some physicists will assert that Quantum Physics, works within the Classical physics and mathematics of our finite world, and I will agree in degrees, at a molecular level. It does not. Note: with the exception of degrees, I pointed out, but in general it does not.

In this reality or our own macro based matter, interdependence emerges that makes it possible for our Classical World of Physics to even exist, coupled with the Quantum, from which we are born. The Classical world is not inevitable, but plausible, given time, which actually does not exist, or more appropriately exists within a superposition within the quantum world. [ Figure that one out, however you will never really know, other than to possibly gaze the truth of a logic not seemingly possible. ]

But do not even try, other than in a quasi-reality of inquisitiveness, as infinite reality is beyond our finite sentient minds. Infinity cannot and will not be defined. To make it so would violate its very nature, in an un-circumspect manner, as its very definition of “Infinity” is something beyond our finite comprehension.

If it where comprehendible, it would therefore be circumscribed, i.e., defined. Infinity by implicit definition - is not defined. It is Omniscient. As if it where understandable it would be defined, hence circumscribed, and therefore no longer infinite.

It is a conundrum, that haunts the obscure ends of knowledge, and confines us to live in an unknown not-fully defined existence, as well as encourages us to pursue knowledge forever… As to not pursue knowledge would be to withdraw from life itself… Or at least a full and productive life that has the potential through knowledge to build bridges, that bring us together in more common terms, rather than live in the divides we exist in today, albeit those divides were even worse in times of ancient pasts. Just review your history, and the beliefs of many saints and sinners, that slavery, concubines, cast systems, and the torture of witches, and infidels were of goodness, and right, for which today the majority of the world would argue the opposite. Our history, and technological advances have given us a much better assessment of the cultures that have gone before us, and we are improving for the most part I would hope.

One of the Greatest of “Thought Problems” or “Thought Equations”, is similarly based on the concept of a God, or an Omniscient Deity which is based on “Faith”, not “Reality”, as most Theologians and Scholars would agree. [Ref A] And it today still is causing great hardships and divides between peoples, when it should be bringing us together, if one believes in the goodness of such religions and theoretically humane philosophies.

I will describe such an ancient “Thought Problem and Solution”, hence “Thought Equation” below: However the Solution, within our current multi-cultural reality will be abridged by those who believe in ideological faith and culture versus fact as their truth.

1. Sentient Beings are “Finite” and for the sake of argument co-exist inside the “Infinite.” In other words: Finite life is not omniscient, but “Infinity” is so, just as a possible God is described as such, however correctly or erroneously. NOTE: I hope this “Thought Equation” will define that answer for you, even if the correctness of the answer fundamentally proves out to be agnostic.

If we can agree that Finite things are only possible within an Infinite (Omniscient Existence) [Ref A], as “Infinity” encompasses our “Finite” world we all live within, then the following “Thought Equations” holds true: Otherwise we would be of a “Duality” both Finite and Infinite. And there is no mathematics or logic that would hold to a finite object being infinite. Simply not possible. Finite and Infinite definitions are implicitly not the same. As Finite is finite, and Infinite is Infinite. ] Never will the twain meet. One is limited, and one is not. A Very Simple Logical Proof…
a. Hence Proof number 1 is an Absolute than cannot violate itself.

2. Infinity by definition, has no center-point, is boundless, has no beginning and no end, hence it will never be understood by a sentient mind, by way of philosophy, or mathematics which hails from the finite world we all live within together. Thus Proof 1 and 2 are sacrosanct, as finite mathematics breakdown and fails when describing the Infinite. [ NOTE: Ask any mathematics major. ]

3. I want to also note that within an infinite existence, there can be no love, no joy, no pain, no knowledge, no ego. As to apply any attribute to the infinite, it to limit it and define it. And that which cannot be understood, such as “Infinity”, cannot be defined in our conventional terms. Such as a=a. Again, such provinces of mathematics and philosophy exist solely to the “Finite” species.

4. Infinity is actually impossible to comprehend. Logically it is impossible, yet we know it is. For instance: The notion of no Alpha or no Omega? (No Beginning and No End?) How does that make any logical sense? However the inverse of that illogic is the Finite, which grows and lives by way of hopeful logic, along with selfishness and illogic as well. But the decent goal for sentient beings is the “Golden Rule” and the growth of Knowledge to better humanities health and caring. But I do digress – somewhat here. My primary point is that logic keeps on track based on our finite existence, not based on our Infinite notions of Deities, which would be by definition circumscribing God or Infinity, and the Omniscient to a thing, or finite object. And Infinity, will not be tamed, with such wishful illusions. [Ref: A]

5. In summary the finite may transition to the infinite, or the infinite to the finite, but they will never, and can never meet. “Just to repeat myself.” Just do the math: Or ask any mathematician if Infinities can be defined? In a word, No. So we only can inject faith, to find a God or God’s, and we will never - and can never know the truth of such a question, in point of fact. [Ref: A] Forever and a Day! It is a fickle life we lead, quite radically and factually.

So what does this mean, regarding classical and quantum physics? It means we know less than we think we do, too often. By the way: “I am included is Spades!!!” Yet theoretical physicists and cosmotologists, among other philosophers and pursuers of truth, are rubbing up upon the wisp’s of truth, that we are not all we seem to be, and even more… They are doing this by the measures of science coupled with intuitive perceptions, which would have been unthinkable, just a century ago. In fact they would have been the Copernicus’s and Galileo’s in another time, that would have had them killed for such heretical, non-cultural thinking believed to be ideologically sacrosanct in times past.

So we are on the verge of a highly valued knowledge, not bound by ideology, or faith, but by knowledge, inspiration, brought about largely by science, that is peeling away, not only at legacies, which some hold inviolable building blocks, but at the legacies of their own science’s. They are reaching to a vision of scientific weirdness, possibly hard to swallow, yet possibly of fact, more than fiction. Clearly we may never know, as this journey is peering into the relationship of the infinite, the quantum, and our home foundations built upon the finite from the highest levels of sentiency. It is a co-existent venture, to examine the possible, with the so-called impossible, or the finite with the infinite, but that is where we are headed. And the results may reveal those bridges that I spoke of to mend past wrongs and improve our daily lives, not for just some, but for all. A lofty notion, but a result that lays in wait, as the knowledge of science and philosophy of this world improves.

In 1935 Erwin Schrödinger came up with a thought experiment, whereby the micro and macro worlds collide. His seemingly logical supposition was that a micro-world radioactive atom could both decay and not decay at the same time, and if linked to a bottle of cat poison, based on “Superposition’s dual state proven in quantum physics.” Therefore a macro-world “Cat” could either be dead or alive all dependent upon the mere observation of a human opening up a cage and looking at the cat.

Hence “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”, if you will. However I have often found this premise of a micro-world (atom) and a macro-world (cat) superposition state, as not being accurate. To negate my own thesis. But it holds an interest, or novelty at any rate for me. But it is not the sacrosanct proof I find compelling.

Even though, Vlatko Vedral, a professional physicist has entertained the notion that the quantum world also works in union far more than we realize with the macro-world. Please read his very substantial and intriguing article in Scientific American. Ref: [1] I believe that Vlatko Vedral is glimpsing the true realm of physics as it will progress… He touches on the known and unknown as equals in my view. And this is where real physics of the future is headed.
But I also want to note another article from “New Science”, by Anil Ananthaswamy, who points out other experiments and rationales regarding the distinctions between the Quantum and the Classical Physics worlds. Ref: [2]

The sum total of these articles rubs up against the very nature of existence, which is not definable by my believe system or by logic in my view, but they are grasping at the core of an open physics system that may open our philosophical gazes to new hopes and heights.
In Summary, we are living in a system which is for all practical purposes of our lives both local and non-local, but for Infinities sake, may debunk every known mathematical formula ever devised, as both bring a balance to the chaos of entropy, and allow for both to exist as disparate and as equals at the same time.

To answer the question what is reality. Co-existence of the Finite and Infinite, hence complete abstraction and Scientific proofs posits “Balance” as to be the only final answer. As to propose otherwise, would explode and dismantle the logic of an educated mind to extinction, as it grasps the impossible nature of no beginning and no end, and allows for life within a closed environment that sees no further than the logic of the self within bounds, we hold as true, even if they are not.

In a truth, what I mean for most of us, is that we will never have the misfortune to engage, endless infinities of reality within our own minds: Which, if our minds were caught in “endless infinite loops, as mathematical definitions of infinity are” the experience of that truth in such educated detail - would mentally cause a compulsive phobia, unrelenting. That truth is the experience of “Infinity” or the thought provoking notion of the essence of “Endlessness”. Such an awareness would negate purpose and the necessity of a conclusion or ultimate answers to be sought. In poignant truth such an end conclusion will never be found. Therefore the mind may only dismay itself to pain and demise in that perfect view of nature’s full experience. Therefore, the climb to knowledge, not final conclusions is of a noble and good purpose. It is the rainbow’s trail that is the gold, not so the end destination!

Today in 2011, we only experience for most of us, the notions of black and white, of yes and no, of a wrong and a right. But the truth of life is that these notions are found more truly in the gray areas of life, in the mix of realities, the truth that entropy is part of some realities, such as the finite, but not the infinite, that quantum physics within the areas of “entanglement” and “superposition’s”, defy common sense and finite definitions. Coupled with other intuitive queries into subject’s, such as: 1) Time may have other dimensions, 2) along with multi-verses. All of these queries into the plausible are not beyond the intuitive nature of thought, but many well be beyond the mathematical proofs or enormous energies required to prove. Ref: [3] (Simply for food for thought: (Thermodynamic violation of the 2nd law))

In other words existence/life is in balance, even as entropy wildly abounds via its finite roots, coupled by way of its non-existence - through the “Infinite” nature of existence. For which no one can explain. NOTE: Here is a riddle for the ages: Do all things, through the ebb and flow of existence, exist and not-exist?)

Actually put: “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything” gives us Logic and Life/Existence via “Balance.” In other words there is “Time” and there is “No Time”, there is “Space” and there is “No Space”, everything is connected, and yet is separate: certainly given Entanglement, Superposition’s, and the Infinite which supersedes any hope for understanding. These conundrums reinforce a science, so fundamentally raw, and necessarily incomprehensible, which gives rise to the firm and balanced mechanics of existence in general. Make no mistake, it is a violent and turbulent Universe we are engaged in, at this point of our existences, but that is Nature in Symphonic rage and glory, yet, I believe exists, as a result of Perfect Balance out of a realm of nature without an Alpha or Omega. That premise is essential, and yet incompressible. But the virtue of that Irony is that it gives us nature, as it always has been and always we be. If we understood it – the balance would be gone and that I find impossible. NOTE: That “Balance” is no respecter of humanity [Ref: [ 5 ] A wise human biblical reference: “God is no respecter of persons.”) or its often violent and harsh human torments, it is only a respecter of its own nature. We living within the finite, must take on the horror of natures and humankinds tragedies alone and together. Therefore is it fundamental to put away youthful visions, imaginations, superstition’s, and mythologies, as such of the ancients, whose knowledge was of a child’s knowledge based on our science of today. To quote a wise biblical human made phrase: “1 Corinthians 13, Verse 4: “When I was as child, I spoke as a Child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” We should take heed…

The novel and interesting potential fallout of the relatively empty endless abyss we exist within has no logical answer, if you programmed computers that were as large as a solar system, they would literally burn themselves out into failure, as the circuit boards burnt out at the impossible task of understanding infinity. We too as humans and some of us have, have glimpsed the ultimate jail and inevitability of existence and it too can become a suffocating mental breakdown for some people, sometimes. At least for me on occasion. My point is that if we are truly honest and fully focused, our minds would breakdown if we ever fully looped onto the endlessness, and seemingly pointlessness of existence. My only relief is to imagine an ebb and flow of existence, which fully dies as we know it, and is reborn, again and again, then the hopelessness of no end, seems ironically less confining… “As without conclusion, what is the point of anything?” A riddle, I have been challenged with for a life time.

That is the only way it can be, if we are a part of “existence” in either a finite or impossible infinite form, as there is no twain, even via quantum mechanics illumination of its potential mysteries, which will never combine both finite knowledge and the Infinite as a sentient or otherwise type of conscious thought or equation.

But the sentient search is essential to improve on life, and inevitable… Forever, as I logically believe sentiency will come and go… As Time however multi-dimensional or not, also will come and go in a relative manner, if you choose to believe so… Still for us as sentient beings, and objects of matter, we are finite, and for me: If a tree falls and no one hears it. It still makes a sound. Time and Space are immutable to the conscious mind, even if Time and Space are of a bizarre nature that really does not exist… in some form of “Entanglement”, and so forth. As I believe Infinity connects us all. Quite the Story, this existence we are engaged end.

The big picture or grand reality, beyond our mere selves - is and will be a riddle, an enigma, a paradox, and a conundrum, undisposed forever.

Simply said, with the only means available through a poetic depth: “We are in Balance”, by being both local and non-local, by existing via the only describable manner capable: We are and we are not. Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything. [ Period ] The Perfection of Balance, which will never find any other description…, save illusion.

However the Pursuit of Knowledge from our roots (the quantum, intuition and science per se’) is a humble and humane effort. This exciting, noble and extraordinary pursuit of knowledge must trump all obstacles. In doing so it will, if we follow the Golden Rule, find our commonality as a species and all species, and as a result better our health, lives and understanding, through the diminution of torment and harm that a world of a misguided historic diversity has only seemed to continue with its useless ego’s and destruction.

Knowledge is power, and power is curative… So goes the Balance I look for in life and the understanding that we are all one, from dust to dust in the end… We are different in our randomness and the same in such…

[1] Author: Vlatko Vedral, Article: Living in a Quantum World, Magazine: Scientific American, June 2011, Page: 38, 43

[2] Author: Anil Ananthaswamy, Article: Quantum reality is what you make it, Magazine: New Scientist, June 2011, Page: 13

[3] Author: J. Miguel Rubin, Article: The Long Arm of the Second Law”, Magazine: Scientific American, October 2008, Pages: 63-67

[*] My Own Personal Reference: Author: Russ Otter, Article: Is Reality Analog or Digital, Website: FQXi Community, February 2011. Additionally posted @

[5] Author: Biblical Reference in several places: Gen: 4:4,5 ; Acts 10:34, 35 Rom. 2:9-11, among many others within the Judeo-Christian Bible

[A] Author: Exodus 33:20 (Referring to God) “For no one may see me and live.” [ This illustrates some ancient and wise individuals, who understood the divide between the Infinite (Omniscient/God, if you will) and the Finite.)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


By Russ Otter

It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.
- John Wooden

Leadership ideally rallies all to the cause of itself. It breeds leaders, and seeks leaders who are better than itself. It knows when to give and knows when to push. Discretion, and judgment, not inflexible rules are its wisest allies.

Leadership: This is the gray area: between the black and whites of an issue. Where common sense and personal commitment to self-honesty and responsibility come into play.

An example of this would be: Imagine a business with union and management: you find both groups have rules to abide by. If you run a business solely operating by fixed rules - management vs. union - you have solid friction, butting heads, with one another, without give and take. This is a formula for robots, not human beings with self-esteem. In the best of businesses: Union and Management both use these rules as guidelines, not as absolutes.

Give and take would, therefore, be the standard, not the exception.

Hence both groups (Union and Management) work together in a gray area, where frictions are decreased and people are enabled to do their best. The work rules may require a break period for a worker and restrict them to X amount of daily work hours. However, the worker may be involved in a project about which they have great pride and ownership of and have chosen to forego their break time and put in extra hours at home or at work. In turn management sees fit to let this union employee have more freedom and flextime to manage a personal issue or grant other liberties. These are mutually agreed to choices that benefit everyone, and produce greater quality of service, products and, very importantly, personal self-esteem, which only enhances Quality of Service (QoS). This kind of relationship uses rules as guidelines to protect against abuses, but does not rule by a fixed method of operating only based on the established rules. This eliminates unnecessary friction between groups and allows for the best intent of a rule to rain supreme, not the letter of the rule. Hence operational variance is reduced and a business’s Sigma standards are improved, therefore your QoS is enhanced.

Rules are the least effective, poorest form of an education or teaching method. Rules are primarily needed to be outlined - to protect against abuses. Rules are too often used by educators, management professionals or family leaders as the easiest way to deal with an event, question or situation. They are used too many times to allow us to skate past the important work of analyzing the merits of a situation.

I will reiterate that to be human is to use judgment, not to simply react as an amoeba would to fixed stimuli, but to respond with consideration for the context in which an event occurs. This ability to measure and judge is a human attribute and a high responsibility – that we sometimes will relegate to rule based guidelines through laziness or ignorance.

The easiest and poorest method of teaching anyone anything is to defer to rules, rather than take the time to actually evaluate, and communicate intelligently, hence teach.

The common cry when fixed rules are not followed by people who operate by using more common sense and individual reward/merit diversity with different people: Are these common cry’s: It is not equal treatment; It is favoritism, or it is even too productive and keeps other workers from finding work. These arguments are primarily sour grapes, and are based more on envy and a poor understanding of how good working environments and teamwork are actually created.

Using “give and take”, rather than rigid fixed rules is good for everyone, for overall morale and trust in any working environment. Just review the businesses that operate in this manner versus the businesses that operate based on friction through black-and-white operating conditions. The latter businesses are cold, wasteful and restrain the creative abilities of individuals. If any individual wants to contribute additional effort, then equal guidelines need to be applied.

Allowing freedom to workers is the ultimate equality.

This is also true in families, with children, where guidelines for behavior are drawn. If you have one child that is exceptionally responsible and demonstrates great trust, and worthiness, you can afford to bend the curfew and grant other little freedoms, however if your other child is less trustworthy and pushes proper behavior or discipline limits consistently, you would not afford them any additional freedoms.

Equality means: You treat people the same based on their behavior, not based on the guidelines for behavior. Those guidelines/rules will be used when you have abuses, then you enforce them with absolute commitment. But when responsibility begins to develop in someone, you move away from the use of fixed rules towards trust and common sense. This is the intangible medium of human potential that transcends mere rule-based methods of communication and actions.

This again is the essence of equality and fair treatment. You treat people the same by treating them differently, based on circumstance and or behavior.

However do not expect the politically correct, or a classical bureaucrat, to have any understanding of any of this. They, by definition, do not respect values, per se, or common sense; they only respect control and condone actions, whether thoughtless or not, imposed on those that violate a particular set of written words (rules). In other words weak or artificial leadership simplistically respects operating from a point of high friction, operating from absolutes; as such they are often demonstrated through zealot forms of behavior. The do not operate with common sense; as common sense implies following the intent of a law or rule, not always the letter of the law.

Such reason would blur their fixed judgments and dismantle their often self-righteous support pedestals that their identities are built upon. They do not understand the gray areas of communication, the merging of diverse views, and opposite points of view, to enable improved results. Such are the politically correct people who, on paper, appear to be social and corporate saints, but they are the first people who must be removed from positions of authority if optimized results and successes are to be realized.

Jack Welch, General Electric’s former CEO and business author, has spoken of four types of workers: 1) the ones who make numbers and are part of the corporate culture: 2) those who make numbers but do not marry into the corporate culture: 3) those who do not meet numbers but meld well with the corporate culture; and 4) those who do not meet numbers and do not meet up with the culture. Number Four is easy to get rid of or remove from a business, Number Two is critical to get rid of, but takes the greatest effort and courage to do so. Number Three are good people and good people can always be turned around to make the numbers, but group Number 2, the people who make numbers cannot always be made into good people.

This is what I believe Jack Welsh would argue. Jack Welsh is a true leader in the corporate world, which I would say only a handful of CEOs could lay true claim too. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Airlines is another gentleman who is a true leader and a success in a brutally tough industry. He has spoken of not always hiring experts, but rather to hire good people. Again, good people can become experts, but experts can not necessarily become good people. This in my view, echo’s much of what Jack Welsh says.

I would add another corporate true hero of mine to the list of great CEOs Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines. Please read his book, NUTS. Herb breaks the rules, trusts people – and wins. He is not politically correct, rather he is genuine. A very rare commodity in this age. He is an icon and role model for all Business leaders.

Another book that captures the essence of equality through different treatment, and corners how to be a smart and effective manager is Ken Blanchard’s, The One Minute Manager. If you have not read that book, it is a great read. It is concise, capturing the essence of how to evaluate situations while teaming with and managing various types of people.

Finally, one of the greatest business leaders of our modern times is W. Edwards Deming, whose iconoclastic methods, did not simply change a corporation, but changed a nation, Japan, into the quality center of the globe. In my view, Deming mirrored an understanding shared by John Wooden, the greatest coach in UCLA basketball history as well as a brilliant author, who believed “That amazing results can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.”

Dr. Deming was a world-class Harvard educated statistician, who was ironically fond of saying that “He that starts with statistical methods alone will not be here in three years as a business”. His approach would also apply to athletics or any enterprise, as with athletics, it is not athletics alone, but attitude or character that makes a leader and a winner. Dr. Deming like John Wooden and other unrivalled leaders are intelligence and integrity personified, as they epitomize “Common Sense” - and they all stand-out from the crowd.

I would recommend any one of several books written on Dr. Deming, as he is an example of a consummate leader, not bound by conventional business practices. Dr. Deming honored the value of human beings by his life-long commitment to excellence, through a marriage of common sense judgments, and science. Dr. Deming’s leadership methods led major businesses and the Wall Streets of the world, rather than being led by them, and their conventional short-sighted quarterly analysts. Dr. Deming was the Einstein of business success, who certainly was not an unsung icon, but he did not reach the sustained acclaim I believe he deserved. And frankly, he was flatly rejected by too many - for some of his seemingly more unorthodox approaches to working with people, which were essential to his successful management formulas for business.

Great leaders with strong leadership qualities run short in this world, so be wisely skeptical and wary of charlatans, even though many of them are generally good people. I have found even the good folks are caught up in being first and foremost - out for themselves. Then there are others who are simply not good people and are disguised in sheep’s clothes. However – their lip-service is world class.

Foremost from leadership measure all things against your standards, your ethics of high principles, and trust yourself first. Have character. By that I do not mean irreverence or disrespect for other people, but respectfully attempt to avoid being led by conventionalists and mere mediocrity. Find a way to influence and lead by example. An example, which builds on cooperation rather than competition.

Let me try to capture this in brief poetic verse:

Truth is found between the lines, in the middle, where grays and paradox abound…
It is found in give and take, through common sense – the law of shades…
The engagement of truth is to be moral, rather than conventional, as ego’s can only scream in silence here.
For it is easier to be emotional, indignant, and anchored to the black or white, than do the math.
For truth’s equations do dismantle aristocrats might.
Truth forever, will scoundrels and ignoramus frankly fright…

Value your inner voice and find it, clarify it, use it. Your integrity requires it. The current state of the world can use you. Ignore the cries from the colorful demagogues, those who exploit and portray half-truths as facts to garner attention and promote self-serving agendas. In contrast to the demagogues, a true-hearted person, lives in the middle, not in the extremes, is descript and defined in character, not in cause, and is actually the person living in the peacemaker’s seat, without grandiose identity – but with something more than flash and pomp. That person has honor, not medals; has kindness, not sentiment; has a respect for truth, not for agendas; and has a love for what is truly right, not for what is technically right. That is Leadership.

If you find your inner voice, either quiet or overt, you will not become a politically correct nuisance to the world, creating volumes of unnecessary one-sided noise. You will become a much truer, more honest voice of diversity, merging the sounds and feelings of everyone through your voice, by your actions, in your symphony of thoughts, in your music that is intrinsic and somewhere in everyone of us.

That search for the common denominator - the common truth that resonates in us all – will never be found in the black-and-white sides of an issue or an organization, but in the middle, in the grays, between the lines, in the dance that brings us together. In that dance - both the magic and discipline of authentic ideals are born.

True effective leaders know this. They understand that dance: That leadership is a melding of differences into one objective, and to accomplish that takes intelligence, which is sometimes reticent, sometimes overt, and sometimes a combination of both. You need to be straight and to know when to bend. The best of leadership is very simply a combination of skills. But, first, and always foremost, it is built from a true individual, not a conventionalist. In other words: Character Counts. Integrity is essential. It is important to attract genuine respect from others. That respect translates into a bond and a trust that is essential and unmistakable. Think of the few who you can count on your hand who engender such respect and trust.

Much too often: Far too few…