Sunday, August 29, 2010

Open our Hopes, our Goals, our Realities: based through the Prism of Physics – and we all will improve.

Thermodynamics is threaded through the firm notions of relativity’s mathematics. In other words, force, mass, and movement or acceleration are seemingly straightforward when mathematics is defined and applied against the backdrop of the rules defined by thermodynamics.

By the way: Thermodynamics is simply the science of energy and heat, based on its mathematics that seemingly binds us to its rules.

With exception, if the force, mass and acceleration are manipulated in combination by both linear and non-linear directions of thermodynamic movement, based on using the forces of simple gravity, among other natural energy sources, then the results will differ from the traditional fixed notions of our heretofore science of thermodynamics. But as of yet, no one seems to understand this, or has manifested such an application.

Meaning that Entropy and the other rules of thermodynamics, while inevitable: just as a shoe with use, will become worn out with time, you also can extend that worn out shoe, 100-fold, rather than like for like or (action for re-action equivalency). In other words, energy is only lost based on an equal level of energy applied. However - Energy can be applied with a ratio bases, that mathematically creates more action for a re-action, than a like for like result. Thus you can create a virtually continuous motion machine, with the exception of parts eventually wearing out and needing to be replaced.

I have written other articles on this subject matter, but no one seems to take it seriously, or I am not explaining it well enough to engender some reaction or reaching the correct audience. If my hypothesis is true, then we change the very dimensions of the world, in almost every discipline that you can imagine. And all for the better…

I would hope someone with a physics or electromechanical background, would contact me. And please read some of my Science specific Blog’s, especially the one related to “Continuous Motion” as I hope they will shed some further light on this subject.

This type of purely physics based / mathematical energy solution, will additionally bring us together as a single human race of people, rather than as disparate groups competing harmfully with each other. This physics can change the world in personal matters as well as mathematical ones.

NOTE: We live within confined thinking built upon the philosophical and mechanical rules of the past. For instance, does the concept of “Inflation” at the start of the Big Bang, hold to Einstein’s, cosmic speed limit of light. No. But we make adjustments in our thinking to accommodate that seeming violation of physics. Similarly Thermodynamics has some areas that bend as well. But they bend within the confines of logical mathematics, that we have simply not explored - as of yet. And I would note that the “Bane” contention for the infinite quest of explaining history and time, is a true possibility too.

The open fields of physics and mathematics are unbounded infinities, which are in bloom at every moment, for the taking, by those who seek truth.

However, the real truth is that many a truth - was discovered by mistake! But - Oh’ Well, I digress.

Clearly truth is holding at bay our pre-formed modes of thoughts-travels, docked in self-made impressions, or in other words our scotomas, just waiting to sail away and change the symphony of infinity’s seas, that reality holds - forever open.

The possibilities of physics, of mathematics, of the progression of reason, hold the hope of the ages, the Holy Grail of truth, not from the static fixations of the past, but of the knowledge born in the moment, from the shoulders of the past, and our ever evolving future.