Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finite and Infinite (The Holy Grail that will never meet...)

Infinities are Reality: [ What the heck kind of jargon is this? Science / Humanity? ]

Well it is about the twain of our finite and infinite worlds we are bound within. And a twain that will never meet. But in that disparate truth, we simply are bound to grow for the better, as we are more similar than otherwise.

So goes our hope for knowing all things, or for our capability to understand in total what science or faith pursues, but not in vain, but certainly in failure, comprehensively speaking.

Mathematics is the very face of god, if you will, or in other terms: the face of truth and the goal to understand what the mind is capable of understanding… Beyond that finite reality, is an infinite reality were even math breaks down, and fails; for infinity is real and no mathematics is capable of defining infinity. Just ask a math major… (They can identify it, but they will never answer it.)

So it is true for us, of sentient minds, which reach for our understanding of infinity, for purpose, or for that notion of ultimate truth, or our search for a god, from within our finite existences. Again, our comprehensive understanding of all nature will fail, and it will always be so, as long as we are finite beings within an infinite realm.

This is the dilemma for those who believe in a scientific understanding of existence, of the Universe, with a capital “U”, not just our big bang universe, which is no more than the size of a single proton, in the true scheme of spatial reality or in other words, within our infinite reality…

We are captives of nature beyond our understanding, as long as we remain finite beings. Only an infinite structure, that by definition cannot be circumscribed by definition, can in theory know the truth of all things. In fact it can be argued that as an infinite structure or being, there is no such thing as “Knowing” or “Knowledge”, ego and the like. Infinity is without awareness, as awareness itself, would be a defined circumscribing and therefore limiting element that would preclude infinity. A conundrum of the first degree. But that is what infinity is. Indefinable [Period].

Factually, to believe in your capability to have any simple or complex perception of “Infinity” is to manifest a limited definition of infinity, therefore you violate the principle of infinity, which cannot be defined.

Hence we grapple with the ultimate conundrum of our very existence - of our finite and infinite worlds; which will never meet by way of knowledge.

Mathematics teaches us this truth… Sentient wisdom would do well to accept this truth.

Simply we live in an infinite fog, but by way of a finite existence. So find your truth inside the scope of your own space and time of life. And make it a good truth, one based on the “Golden Rule” and pursue knowledge at every crossroad of life.

That is all we have – nothing more, nothing less.

Cultures, Religions, Fads, can be good or bad, but they all are all vain and vacuous, unless they operate by truth and the golden rule.

And that is where we exist, accept it or not.

Again, Infinities are our Reality, which preclude our ultimate fullness of knowledge, but also give us an endless pursuit to grow… Hopefully for the better! As this truth makes us more similar than disparate - and that truth will enable growth to embrace a reality that improves on our lives and those about us…

PS… This is a refrain of my first Blog: “It Only Takes One Thing” (The Golden Rule), with a coupling of my Blogs on “Science” and the value science manifests for us all.