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Smart Energy Now
Natural Forces in nature provide multiple endless Energy models, without expending fossil fuels. Is anyone willing to work with me, who has a physics background?

What will it accomplish?
Evolution on a monumental scale. Migrating from a fossil fuel world to an automated world devoid of expending fossil fuels. It will overnight, in unbounded terms, provide universal energy to the entire world, not just the industrialized nations or emerging nations. It will provide a unifying playing field for the people of all nations to find more common options in which to better communicate and improve our common understanding and standard of living.
Note: Even I believe these ideas sound as if I have a large dose of megalomania lodged into my grey matter, but it simply needs to be tested and moved forward. Even if I am only 90% correct, it could change energy production as we currently understand it today.

Why is it important?
To improve life, to advance conservation of precious fossil fuels for other uses. To change the world and provide it with greater possibilities. To liberate. As well as dramatically control carbon emissions from the planet, coupled with enabling universal energy to all individuals or societies who either require or desire it.
What are the anticipated outcomes?
Virtually near- free recycled-energy and or regenerated energy, provided by the current clean and robust elements of energy, such as “gravity”, “electrostatics”, “magnetism”. And all that implies.
What will be its enduring impact?
Forever alter the social structures and thereby the social requirements of the world. In other words energy provided on an equal playing field for all people will in effect tie us all closer together in function and in equal choices. It would theoretically replace monopolies and cartel’s with freedom. As well as being groundbreaking for all of physics, and all sciences in general.
Further Project Description:
This project began with me as a child, trying to figure out how to automatically run my tricycle and my little green army jeep that required peddling a wheel or armature bar to turn the wheels. I was obviously a lazy kid that did not desire to labor too much – taking too much physical laboring to peddle thru the sidewalks and streets - in my youthful days! I remember constructing the concept, using magnets, and then let the idea fade as I entered school and grew-up as a young man going to school and then on to my working career. Just before I retired, I was still intrigued by the idea, and began to construct the project in my garage, with some success. However I soon realized I needed a physics partner with a background in electronics, especially electrostatics and the mathematics to aid in the assumptions as well as scribe in the language of science - the calculated results. And as I knew that would take some higher levels of mathematical language, certainly beyond my expertise.

These multiple ideas of automatic energy, from my youth that I mused about, once detailed will give away the intellectual property, to anyone with a hint of conceptual capability. I am very willing to give the intellectual property away, but would like to work on the project.

In simple terms, you may think it violates the fundamental thermodynamic entropy theology, which we have all been indoctrinated with. By the way I consider thermodynamic science more a theology and manifest scotoma in our lexicon, rather than a fact. In my own humble opinion physics is incalculable, and to rely on definitions, is to limit physics or existence itself. Neither have limits, therefore - in my puny assumptive world – Physics is forever a living definition, as well as a fixed proof. Much as “Infinity is both sides of the same coin – at once.”

Therefore I will fundamentally argue that thermodynamic entropy is relative for “like” for “like” kinetic actions: which will diminish “force”, as it today properly outlines.

However if you change the “Like for Like” concepts when generating energy, you change the rules by which “thermodynamic entropy” was developed. In other words, If you use two dimensions to generate kinetic energy, complemented in equal response to one dimension, generating its own energy. You alter or augment the output energy produces. Hence the “like for like” action = reaction is modified and the results are not like for like. Action can multiply Re-action. This provides for a gear ratio that augments energy output using natural forces. As well as other forces (fossil fuels too.)
  • This process using natural forces, such as Electrostatics, Magnetism and Gravity, among other natural stores of energy in a form which is non-relative or in other words using a differential gear –ratio that trumps lost energy. Does so by way of leveraging dimensions and gravity. Thus it changes the scientific or theological rules that constricted the methods used to define generic thermodynamics. In other words thermodynamics becomes truly dynamic, rather than static.

My clumsy written formulas: ( See D, G, 1D, CM, etc. definitions below )
1. Electrostatics created by: D² + G in Linear 1D = CM
2. M+ (+ & -) + G = CM * Note, Electrostatics could be included to augment output.
3. Combination of both formula’s to leverage ultimate energy output potential.
D = Dimensions G = Gravity CM = Continuous Motion E= Electrostatics 1D = 1 Dimension

Simply stated: It combines linear and non-linear actions to produce energy that is continuous.NOTE: Two basic methods: 1. G&E (Gravity & Electrostatics) 2. M+G (Magnetism & Gravity)

Stated in another fashion, there are 2 forms of possible methods: 1) independent of electrostatics which uses Gravity and Magnetism) and 2 with the use of electrostatics in combined ways to achieve natural energy from natural forces:

1. Form: A Uses Dimensions x 2 (Down and Side to Side) run by Gravity (Non-Linear) generating electrostatics combined with a linear (Up) Dimension. This Linear and non-linear interaction provides the mechanisms to create a gear ratio that multiplies itself. Hence you gain continuous motion which could then provide for heat and other outputs to generate endless energy.

2. Form: B Uses both positive and negative Magnetism in graduated powers, to direct motion in an upward direction opposing gravity, and then uses electrostatics captured in the downward thrust to leverage additional energy, and then re-deployed again and again by magnetism alone in an upward motion. Note, the “electromagnetism” is not necessary, but a natural benefit that should be leveraged from the simple process of motion ( That both Gravity and Motion provide for).

Variations of these forms of operations are dependent on mechanical engineering.

  • Additionally, electrostatics can be enhanced by using a circular glass ball for instance, with other internal triboelectric materials to augment the energy produced beyond the direct gravity effects of tribolelectic stimulus, using for example a Teflon tube and a glass ball. These two materials: 1) “Glass” and 2)”Teflon” are near opposites for electron transfer on the triboelectric scale, which generate electrostatics. The electrostatics would be captured within a capacitor for electric generation.

    NOTE: I use the term “continuous motion”, vs. “perpetual motion”, since all mechanical matter decomposes (wears out). Perpetual is generally an accurate statement, save matter decay; for which at that point – motion ceases.

    Thermodynamics fundamentally proposes that you cannot squeeze blood from a turnip. Or in other words, energy depletes, and will not sustain itself. But if you change the mechanical genetics of the turnip, you can. Metaphorically, and practically that can be accomplished when Energy and Matter are merged together in a completely clean and virtually innocuous manner. Simply you apply 3 dimensional forces in a manner which leverages 2 dimensions against or in complement to 1 dimension. Nature working at its best. That Simple.

    With the “continuous motion” of matter, then heat or additional motion receptors can be activated generating excess energy, superseding the level of energy required to generate this continuous motion of matter. Thus continuous energy is produced by way of natural forces: (Gravity / Magnetism / Electrostatics).

    Sounds highly improbable – given current thinking, but intellectually it is quite plausible. I would like to work with a lab of scientist’s to pursue this objective, as I have outlined above. It may seem obscure, but once I share the simple mechanics of this idea, I hope you will find it of interest and most importantly possible. If it is possible, the world changes. I know it sounds in large part to be more than just a bit delusional, but even if we leverage 90% of this potential, we succeed beyond what exists today and provide for the clean and necessary energy the world depends upon.

    Thank You,
    Russ OtterCopyright 5/2008 ©

    Ultimate objectives and gains:
    Secondarily this project, if actualized, would certainly secure a Nobel Prize, due to its unique utilization of “continuous motion” and would therefore support the investment returns to the philanthropists and scientists involved. Foremost it will be “humanity changing” for the good. Providing a leap in the advance of science and living standards for the people of this world. It will expedite the integration of humanity buy tying us together via sources of energy necessary to improve communication and common living standards that would better integrate the world. Coupled with the saving of fossil fuels for other uses, combined with less pollution. And in that process it would hopefully improve understanding and common cause among us all, rather than living with the continuing social divides that hinder those decent objectives.

    In sharing this BLOG on the potentials for energy production with new methodologies, it is my objective to hopefully find someone seriously interested to pursue these ideas.

    Simply and profoundly that is my end goal.

    If you know of anyone, such a University Professor of Physics, or scientist at JPL or NASA - that just might prove very helpful!!! * Also if you know of any forums where this would be an appropriate subject for discussion, please point me in the correct direction. Additionally, if you believe me to be nuts, you are certainly entitled to comment and I will publish that as well… Thanks to all. As the subject of improved Energy is a subject the human race needs to boldly look for solutions to embrace, in both smart and aggressive manners.

    Final Note:
    By the way, a recent article is just as heretical, to scientific tradition, as my position is. The article recently published in “Scientific America” (Oct 2008) is also about the breaking of the second-law of thermodynamics: You may find it interesting: www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=how-nature-breaks-the-second-law

    In other words I am not alone in my views regarding the breaking of the second-law of thermodynamics, albeit these are premised on different methods.
    PS… If you find much of this over your head, please allow me to join in your company… All of this thermodynamics stuff, is largely just stuff to me too, however it carries weight within mathematical and scientific circles. My point is that you do not need to be a mathematician to have ideas, and conceive of the possible. The right brain conceives the left brain proves… I need someone with a left brain, as my higher math skills and understanding of simple electronics need some help! And it is often true that two heads are very often better than one.

    These concepts are actually basic, and the mechanics I have in mind to build a working model, would not be difficult given access to scientists in the area of physics, and electrostatics’ along with some very common materials.

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